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Fungal Nails

Fungal nails can be a painful and unsightly condition. Although they aren’t a serious, fungal nails can prove difficult to treat of not handled correctly. 

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What is a Fungal nail infection?

Fungal nails mostly affect toe nails but they fingernails are also at risk.

As the name suggests, fungal nails are a fungal infection that affects the underside of a nail, causing the nail to discolour, harden and crumble around the edges. Fungal nails are caused by a variety of fungi organisms, the most common being the dermatophyte organism. 

Yeast and mould can also cause fungal nail infections.

How do fungal nails infections develop?

Nails become infected when fungi enter the nails which leads to the fungus infection. 

Older people with dry or cracked nails are more susceptible to fungal infections. 

Reduced blood circulation or a weakened immune system may also mean an individual is more likely to suffer from fungal nails.

Fungal nail infections may start as athlete’s foot and develop into a fungal nail infection when the fungi spreads to the nails.

How are Fungal nails treated?

Fungal nails can be treated with over the counter medicines, however, long-term infections may require prescription medication. 

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Fungal Nails FAQ