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Athlete's Foot

If you have developed a verruca the team at O'Driscoll's Podiatry. Our podiatrist can offer a range of effective and fast treatments to get rid of the uncomfortable and embarrassing verruca. 

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What are Verrucas?

Although extremely common, athlete’s foot can be a painful condition that can sometimes prove difficult to cure. 

Our cork podiatry clinic offers our patients a comprehensive range of treatment and preventive strategies.

What is Athlete's Foot?

Athlete's Foot is one of the more common foot alignments. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually affects the skin in-between the toes. 

Symptoms can include, itchy white patches in-between the toes, inflamed red flaky patches on the feet.

How does Athlete’s Foot Develop?

As a fungal infection, athlete’s foot thrives in dark, damp, humid conditions. Unfortunately, this makes a person’s foot, which spends much of it’s time tucked inside a shoe, the perfect environment for the fungus to grow. 

Athlete’s foot is contagious and can be spread by contact with an infected person. It can also be spread by contact with an infected surface like floors, shoes or towels.

How is Athlete’s Foot treated?

In most cases, athlete’s foot can be successfully treated with anti-fungal medications. Many of these medications can be found in your local pharmacy. 

These powders and creams are easy to use and are oftentimes extremely effective. 

However, more severe cases of Athlete’s foot may require prescription medication to successfully treat. 

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Athlete's Foot FAQ