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O'Driscoll's Podiatry provides clients with a range of treatment options for painful corns. Our team of highly trained podiatrists offer a range of chiropody services to help minimise the discomfort of corns.

What Are Corns?

Corns are small circles of thick skin that usually develop on the tones or the sides of the toes.

Typically corns come in two types:

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How do Corns develop?

Generally, speaking women have more issues with corns than men. Corns develop due to wearing badly fitted or tight shoes. Corns are oftentimes a symptom of some other foot problem such as bunions or hammertoe.

How are Corns Treated?

The best way to treat corns is the remove the pressure or the cause of the friction. 

This gives the foot sufficient time to heal and helps prevent corns from developing or reappearing. This treatment can be as simple as wearing properly fitted shoes. 

In more extreme cases or chiropodist can cut away the hardened skin with a special blade. This is a specialised procedure and this should never be attempted on your own.

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Corns FAQ