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What are Calluses?

Calluses are hard skin that develop on feet due to prolonged friction or pressure. When a person moves, all the person's body weight is supported on the ball and heels of their feet. 

Prolonged pressure leads to the development of callouses on these high impact areas. 

Runners, whether that be jogging or playing a sport, are particularly susceptible to the development of calluses on the feet.

How do calluses develop?

As mentioned calluses can develop due to excessive pressure put on the foot. 

That is why runners and people who spend most of their day on their feet are particularly susceptible to the development of calluses. 

Calluses can also develop due to a person’s skin type. Older people, typically have less fatty tissue in the skin which causes the skin to be thinner and therefore quicker to develop a hard protective layer.

Calluses can also be a symptom of bunion development.

How are calluses treated?

Smaller corns can be treated by avoiding putting any excessive friction on the foot. This can give the problem area time to heal. 

In more serious cases, where the calluses are causing pain or discomfort, a chiropodist can remove the hard skin with a special blade. Please note: patients should never attempt to do this themselves

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