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If your feet require attention, please phone the clinic at 0238841904 or 0214271861

Welcome to O'Driscoll's Podiatry

Here at O'Driscoll's Podiatry, our podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose and manage foot and lower limb related problems.
We aim to relieve foot pain and maintain mobility for our patients. We have clinics based in both Bandon, Co. Cork and Lapps Quay in Cork City. Our Bandon clinic has free, convenient parking available to all our patients.

Regular foot care is absolutely essential for healthy, painless feet. Painful feet can be indicators of more serious problems within the knee joints, hip joints or back.
The average person takes between 5,000 and 18,000 steps per day. At O'Driscoll's Podiatry we offer advice to prevent problems as well as treatment for any discomfort or pain.

For more information on our chiropody services, get in contact with O'Driscoll's Podiatry today.

O'Driscoll's Podiatry

About Us

We’ve been providing the very best Chiropody services to clients all across Cork for many years. The ethos of our clinic involves treating our patients with sensitivity and compassion. We see our patients as individuals and not just as conditions.

O'Driscoll's Podiatry


We provide a range of treatments that target common foot complaints. From painful conditions like ingrown toenails and bunions to fungal infections and rashes, we provide a range of effective treatments and treatment plans.

O'Driscoll's Podiatry

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We invite clients all over Cork who are suffering from a foot based ailment to get in contact with us today. Our medical and cosmetic treatments have our patient's feet looking, and most importantly, feeling great.

Our Podiatry Services

Our Podiatry Services

  • Bunions Treatment

  • Children’s Podiatry

  • Cryotherapy

  • Corns and Calluses

  • Diabetic Foot Care

  • Foot Pain

  • General Foot Car

  • Hammer Toe

  • Heel Pain

  • Home Visits

  • Ingrown Toenail

  • Orthotics

  • Sports Podiatry

  • Verrucae

Advice and Treatment

We offer advice to prevent problems occurring as well as treatment for any discomfort or pain. We offer:

  • Conservative Chiropody (removal of corns and callous)

  • Diabetes foot assessment

  • Conservative and surgical treatment of plantar warts (verrucae)

  • Conservative and surgical treatment of ingrowing toenails

  • Acupuncture and homeopathy

  • Sports Injuries For any sports enthusiast, it is frustrating to have to stop participating due to injury. We offer assessment and advice to ensure discomfort is treated before any lasting damage occurs.

  • Orthotic manufactured (custom made prescriptions). Orthotics are special shoe inserts, moulded specifically for each patient. They can help to control the way in which the foot functions.

For our full range of treatment plans, get in contact with O'Driscoll's Podiatry today

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