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Nail Reconstruction

Toenail reconstruction is the restoration of a damaged nail.

It is done by a qualified, trained podiatrist for cosmetic purposes.

A number of layers of a special gel are applied to the damaged nail or portion of the nail.

The nail is put under a special UV lamp which hardens the gel.

The gel used for toenail reconstruction is not the same as the gel used for acrylic nails.

The specialised gel is flexible, whereas the gel used in salons for fingernails is hard. The gel needs to be flexible to allow the toenail to move with the natural movements of the toe, this is very important as the nail will then last longer and will not 'lift'.

Each patient is different, but most people would get up to 6 weeks with their medical grade artificial nail.

The gel used has antifungal properties; which means any nails which have a fungal infection will be treated while wearing the artificial nail.


Patients That Would Benefit from This Treatment Include Those with:

Patients That Would Benefit from This Treatment Include Those with:

  • Fungal Nail Infection

  • Nails Damaged by Trauma

  • Psoriatic Nails

  • Thickened Nails

  • Cracked/Split Nails

  • Corns Beneath the Nails

  • Curved or Ingrown Nails


  • The reconstructed nail looks and feels like a natural nail
  • Improved confidence
  • The artificial nail is flexible so can move naturally as the toe moves
  • No aggressive chemicals used
  • The natural nail will not be damaged or have its growth restricted.
  • The new nail can have polished applied as a natural nail (avoid nail varnish removers that contain acetone).

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